Utac Airsoft Field
South Africa Cape Town

About UTAC

About Utac Airsoft

Taste the anticipation. Smell the adrenalin. Live the Scenario. U-TAC’s Urban CQB arena is themed to complete the realistic story lines re-enacted during scenario Airsoft. Come and test your metal in our 35000 sqm Facility including: Village, Market, Convoy, check points, helicopter, Embassy, Marine Base, Industrial Area and Much More. The Corporate resting area includes; a state of the art armory – supplying professional airsoft devices (guns)

Comfy braai facilities, under roof waiting/briefing areas and full ablutions. Our Scenarios encourage team building, leadership and fun! Teams are pitted against each other and the clock, to plan, strategize, gather information, search for and collect components - all this while under fire! All our games are overseen by trained and experienced marshalls ensuring fairness and keeping player's safe.

Event Schedule

Why not join one of our Utac Airsoft days. These day range from open days to more realistic MilSim Events.

Please Note: Current Covid-19 measures require us to limit Occupancy to 100 players. All players are to wear masks and to complete an indemnity document and Covid-19 questionnaire.

Download for documents below, bring with on day of event.

Click here to download the: Release Forum.

Click here to download the: Covid declaration.

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Please contact us for available Slots

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Address: 41 Klein Dassenberg Rd, Cape Farms, Cape Town, 7358

Groups of 10-20 can be accommodated 6 days a week. A booking usually lasts 2.5 hours, and comprises 5 to 7 short objective based skirmishes. We provide a scenario rich playing area, a corporate-standard player rest area, trained game marshalls, hi spec millsim authentic devices (guns), long sleeve uniform tops (variety), quality protection masks, body armour for ladies.


UTAC is a proud member of SANPA


  • We definitely have Rentals available , but we recommend prebooking them in advance to an event just to make sure.

  • No need to dress like GI-Joe, except if you want too. The necessities are Certified Protective eyewear and a face mask. But for all rentals we have the needed protective gear needed.

  • All AEG's and GBB rifles must shoot under 1.5 Joules with a 0.3g BB.

  • When airsoft replica weapons are used properly under supervised conditions the answer is quite simply no, but they do sting. Of course common sense precautions such as eye protection and face protection are highly recommended and Utac most certainly enforce this vigorously. Of course all objects in the field are real including walls and ladders so making a metal note of this is advised.

  • We play rain or shine. We do however suspend play for lighting storms, or inclement weather. If the weather conditions are considerable bad we will post the closing on our facebook page or Whatsapp Groups.

Contact Us

Drop us a line or send a email with the contact details below.


41 Klein Dassenberg Rd, Cape Farms, Cape Town, 7358

Phone Number

083 778 9111